My New Year Wishing List

I know this is too cliche…But sometimes we need to get what we NEED, not what we want.

So maybe I should say this wish list is about “What I Need”. You can always save money on what you want, but those things for me is a must have.

I already got the Marni Bag and sent it to my mother as New Year gift, and the Cambridge satchel for my stepbrother.

Patti Smith’s book and tarot came into my pocket last night.

For the rest….will come soon.

wishing list 2014  new year



The Last Summer Shot – Parisian look in New York




central park



chilling at a french restaurant in upper east side new york



central park summer look paris

brooklyn bridge sunset



My Friend S came to visit me in New York last month, we took so many pictures. I would never get tired of hanging around the city with her.

Sine now the fall is here, I want to share one of my favorite looks here.

Velvet hat always reminds me of Paris. So I decided to match something chic with this hat I got from BCBG MAX AZRIA .  I found a small crop print top from a second hand store in Brooklyn, and I pair it with a high waist black pants from Urban Outfitters.  Actually you can always wear a print top with jeans, midi skirt, short skirt…But I am around 5’3”, so high waist with crop top makes me look slimmer and taller.

My sunglasses is from Cheap Monday, they are always good at retro and trendy designs.


How to Wear Prints Head to Toe

Prints always fascinate me.

00030big 00170big 00210big 00390big

Wearing prints is cool, but wearing prints head to toe need a great fashion sense.

I have a lot of prints stuff in my closet, but somehow it takes me a while to put the right prints together unless I purchase the a whole set.

The effect of wearing prints always varies, you could become a super fashionista while also turn into an “ew”  lady on the street.

How to match prints with prints?

Here are my three tips:

1. DO Match similar color based prints:

Ignore the pattern itself, and focus on the basic color, or we  can say: the background color.  And if the background is a full piece of white, it is easier to match with any prints.

2. DO  Match the same patterns arrangements.

Do follow with the pattern lines: vertical, straight, upside and down…it is always easier to wear the same brands’ patterns. However, if you choose from two different brands, try to see the pattern arrangement to make it look more natural.

3. DO Keep the Shoes simple

When you feel the prints are too much, let’s go with simple color heels…the best way to get balanced.


I love Uniqlo Celia Britwell  collection this spring.  This is an affordable line for you to match any prints as you want.


And I chose a blue shirt and a white shorts from this line…I love it.

By the way, they are ON SALE now.

prints head to toe streetstyle


The Last Spring Look

Right before the Summer comes, I need to put on this picture that was taken in the Spring.

We were shopping in some vintage shops in Brooklyn and then got this shot in front of a brown wall.

As I said, I always believe that Spring is the best season to layer up, but I cannot wait to embrace the Summer now.


Goodbye my leather jacket !

vintage  brooklyn

More than Double Denim

Denim is the word for this season. We say that Denim never grows old, because it can match with anything.

I found some interesting runway looks from four years ago. And I will go with it and keep the trend on—Wear Denim, Wear Double Denim,  and…more than that!


Chloe Double Denim Look

chloe double denim




D&G Double Denim

D&G double denim




Alexander Wang Oversized Denim Shirt

alexander wang denim




Paul & Joe Double Denim


paul & joe denim




Louis Vuitton Double Denim


louis vuitton double denim



There are no Tips for Double Denim (Or more than that…), you just have to be Creative and bold  to give a different denim colors a try!

It is very easy to put on your denim items,  so dare or not? 😉


cici young denim look


vintage denim boyfriend jacket/ vintage oversize denim shirt/ river island skinny jeans/Converse shoes: 2013 summer collection





cici young denim look2

cici young denim 3


Urban Outfitters Denim Oversize Jacket/ H&M white shirt/ Fossil bag/ Vila Jeggings/Converse shoes: 2013 summer collection



Plus, there is a list of Denim Idols for your to follow:

from Top 10 Denim Idols




The Maxi Season: Make it Easy

It is May already, but the weather in New York is still somewhere in the middle of spring, no heat at all. It is indeed a great season to layer up though, I choose maxi dress instead. Maybe I am just getting lazy and tired of wearing tights and pants. Especially when I have to get up early for swimming before going to work,I always just grab a maxi dress and match it with anything: shirt, sweater, cropped-tee, hat, flat shoes, boots, wedge, flip lops etc. Anyway, it’s just necessary to have a maxi skirt or dress hanging there in your closet. It just saves your time, and as long as the color is right, you always look great.


I have been so busy with my internship, and also busy looking for jobs.

But hey, how can I forget fashion sketches?

My friend bought me a new sketch book as Christmas gift, so here I go again.

2013 will be better.


Happy New Year!!